Откриване и картиране на нови входове на пещери ;)


In February 2012, Atanas Rusev, Club Extreme (http://www.clubextreme.org) use Trimble Juno (http://www.trimbul.com/gnss-handhelds/junosb-sc-sd.html) to map new cave entrances in the area of the longest cave in Bulgaria - Duhlata (18 km in length). Due high differences between inside cave temperature and outside temperature, in the 1.5 meter thick snow cover appeared special holes with hot air currents that further are spotted and mapped with Juno and TerraSync software. Juno gives 2 meters GPS accuracy in real-time and appear to be very convenient device to use - environmentally protected - working great even in very cold, wet and windy conditions. In this day twelve new cave entrances were mapped and when the snow is away, the team will dig out these new entrances and hope to discover spectacular new caves. With the support of Bulgarian Geoinformatiion Company, http://www.trimbul.com, Thank you BGC !